HCE’s Favorite Running Apps

A running app is the perfect running partner. It’s not just an app on your phone, but a place to find motivation, set goals, track your progress, and build up a virtual community of like-minded people. If you’re thinking of trying one out and you’re not sure which one to download, check out Hood Canal Events favorite running apps below. 1. Nike Run Club Nike Run Club has been our go-to running app for years. It’s all about running, totally free, and it has a simple and sleek design— perfect if you’re just starting out. Like most other running apps, NRC has GPS tracking, feedback, and the ability to track your progress and store data to dig into the details of every run you record. Nike Run Club has a huge global running community. Join in for weekly and/or monthly for worldwide distance challenges. Earn bragging rights by creating challenges to invite your friends to. Stay motivated with audio guided runs that are mixed up and tailored to your personal fitness goals and levels. Receive badges, achievements, and cheers for smashing your personal bests. You are able to see every and any improvement in your running all while reaching your targets and having fun along the way. Also, chances are you own a pair of Nikes. You can add in your shoes to the application and track how many miles you have run in every pair. 2. Strava Strava is a fitness app that not only tracks running but riding and swimming as well. In the Strava app, you can also find a variety of clubs near you to join. These clubs include trail running, cycling, paddling, racing, and many more local communities. It’s basically a social network for athletes. Also, Strava has the feature to create a segment. Segments are a way for you to mark the most interesting part of your route. Strava keeps track of the segment and lets you know if you did a better job the next time you take that route. If you love statistics, want segment tracking, and want the flexibility of tracking more than one sport, then Strava is for you. There is also a premium paid version of the Strava app available to get more features. 3. RunKeeper RunKeeper is old but gold. It is the grandfather of running apps but it is one of the most popular. Like NRC and Strava, you can manually add runs, track with GPS, store your runs, and customize the app. The design is really great with fun fonts, nice color scheme, and it is easy-to-navigate. But, unlike NRC which is completely free, the premium version costs $9.99. All of the applications have an auto pause feature. During your work out, they calculate your moving and rest time and you will hear audio announcements for auto-pause. Say you have to cross the street and wait for cars or tie your shoe, the applications do all the work for you. Another thing we love about these running apps is you can listen to your favorite music on your phone (or through Spotify and Pandora) and hear real-time announcements/alerts from the running app while on your route — know your pace, distance, and time. You can also manually add runs into the database or track cardio done in the gym as well. Run towards those goals! If you’re trying to get more serious about running, want to see real-time progress and set goals, HCE highly recommends any one of these running apps – they are worth it. Feel free to add me, Jeff Nunnemaker, to your running app community. #BeTheTraveler #BeTheTraveler #Race #Mile #Walking #Training #Fitness #Health #RunningApps #NikeRunClub #Strava #RunKeeperhttps://www.hoodcanalevents.com/post/2019/05/12/hces-favorite-running-appshttps://www.hoodcanalevents.com/post/2019/05/12/hces-favorite-running-appsSun, 19 May 2019 17:48:43 GMTThe Traveler

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