Designer Thanksgiving Tablescapes

“Adding thoughtful extra touches to your table creates conversation, inspiration and is a reminder of your love.”

Kerry London Myers
Classic tablescape designed by Shannon Close

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there’s still time to consider your theme or tablescape for the special holiday. Tablescape? What the heck is that? It’s a beautiful and artistic way of entertaining guests and expressing your creativity. From classic looks like the photo seen above to eclectic or anything goes approach to decor, your guests will be in for a special treat. This blog showcases ideas and inspiration for you to consider when entertaining family over Thanksgiving.

Shannon Close, Senior Designer and Contractor for Hood Canal Events recently took the time to create her interpretation of what an elegant classic tablescape might look like in her home or for clients. White small pumpkins, gold chargers, greenery, wooden candle holders, and ceramic pumpkin bread plates are just a few personal touches Shannon included. This tablescape creates a magical, warm and cozy atmosphere. A classy vibe to remind us of important family traditions and values. It helps guests feel pampered and ready to celebrate. Can you see your family enjoying this while eating turkey and all of the trimmings?

But what if your inner spirit wants something different, more eclectic?

Mandala plate + silver charger

There are many themes and directions when setting your table, especially for Thanksgiving. In fact, I took entirely too long designing my tablescape ideas for this blog! So many color choices, fabrics, textures and fun props to include like my vintage chess set or gold silverware. But alas, I embraced many bright colors, peacock feathers, metal chargers with my favorite Mandala plates and geode name place holders just to name a few. An eclectic stylish tablescape isn’t for everyone, but if you like incorporating bold statements to get the family engaged in conversation, this might be your ticket!

My mood board was inspired by the new Netflix series the “Queen’s Gambit,” a popular series set in the 1960’s about the art and thrill of playing chess. It wasn’t necessarily the storyline that sparked my creativity direction, but it reminded me of the cool chess set I have at home that I absolutely adore. I decided to make this the focal point and to pull my linens, flatware and plates from that special piece. Embrace the gold! Take risk and weave in teal, red and black colors. Accent with more fun games likes dice and cards. Choose silk hot pink flowers and tons of candles. I give you full power to be bold and embellish freely, be wild!

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Jeff and I do wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with endless love, joy and laughter. I especially hope you take the extra time to decorate your table this season, after all it’s a memory you are creating. And be sure to relish EVERY positive comment you will receive from your family. It’s a pretty cool feeling to experience. Feel free to share any of your favorite tablescape photos with me right here on this blog! I would LOVE to see them. Cheers!